CAR Certification

Certified Auto Recyclers 
Many professional automotive recyclers use a certification program to attain and maintain compliance with environmental, safety and transportation rules applicable to salvage facilities. The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) Certified Auto Recyclers (CAR) program sets a standard of excellence as the path to compliance.

Regulatory Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 10 (Pacific Northwest) serving Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and 271 Tribal Nations. https://www.epa.gov/aboutepa/epa-region-10-pacific-northwest

U.S. EPA, Region 10
Park Place Building
1200 Sixth Avenue, Suite 155
Seattle, WA 98101
206-553-1200 or 1-800-424-4372 (toll-free within AK, ID, OR, WA only). epa-seattle@epa.gov

Stormwater Regulation 
​Permitting authority for storm water permits transferred to DEQ from EPA on July 1, 2021. Storm water runs off of land and hard surfaces such as streets, parking lots, and rooftops, and picks up pollutants such as fertilizers, dirt, pesticides, and oil, and grease bring the pollutants with it.

Certain industrial facilities meeting appropriate criteria must seek coverage under the multi-sector general permit (MSGP) for stormwater. Coverage is based on the facility’s standard industrial classification (SIC) code. Facilities commonly covered in Idaho include mines, airports, and junkyards. 

Spill Reporting 
Call 911 to report urgent environmental problems like dumping or spills.
If the hazardous condition involves the release of an EPA regulated material or an oil as defined by the EPA, the release may also need to be reported to the National Response Center at (800) 424-8802. Federal Reporting is required within 15 minutes of event occurrence or discovery.

The Idaho Small Business Development Center empowers small business success by providing no-cost, confidential consulting and low-cost training to entrepreneurs throughout Idaho https://idahosbdc.org/

ID Department of Environmental Quality P2 for Businesses works with businesses across Idaho to increase efficiency and reduce waste, emissions, and chemical use. Learn how your business can partner with DEQ to increase efficiency, improve workplace safety, and reduce operating costs. https://www.deq.idaho.gov/public-information/pollution-prevention/p2-for-businesses/

Ben Jarvis
Pollution Prevention Projects Coordinator


Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange (P2Rx™) http://www.p2rx.org/
P2Rx is a national partnership of regional pollution prevention information centers funded in part through grants from EPA. We build networks, deliver P2 information, and measure P2 program results. 

The Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC) is a nonprofit organization that is the Northwest’s leading source of high quality, unbiased pollution prevention (P2) information. PPRC works collaboratively with business, government, non-government organizations, and other sectors to promote environmental protection through pollution prevention. PPRC believes that environmental and economic vitality go hand in hand, and that both are necessary to protect the high quality of life enjoyed in EPA region 10 states of Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska.  http://pprc.org/ 

PPRC's projects include:
Spray Technique Analysis and Research (STAR®) and NESHAP training for painters and those that apply coatings, delivered both in English and Spanish https://www.pprc.org/spray-efficiency
Toxics reduction, including heavy metals reduction, like cadmium and zinc.

EcoBiz, environmental business certification program in Oregon for auto repair & body shops, landscapers, and car washes. https://ecobiz.org/


The following fact sheets are designed to assist automotive recyclers with operating their businesses and managing their wastes in compliance with the environmental laws in their state. Select from the list below.