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CAR ProgramEstablished in 1994, the CAR program was created to produce a set of standards for general business practices as well as environmental and safety issues and to provide guidance for member facilities in adhering to these standards. Click here and see why now, more than ever, there's no excuse not to participate in ARA's Certified Automotive Recycler (C.A.R.) Program

The ECAR Center is a "one-stop shop" for all automotive dismantling and recycling operations and provides comprehensive and up-to-date environmental compliance assistance.

Its mission is to help reduce potential impacts on the environment from the automotive recycling sector through better availability of information regarding various forms of best management practices, pollution control and prevention and compliance with environmental regulations.

ECAR Fact Sheets

The Center's hallmark is its
state-by-state fact sheet tour on
25 topics important to automotive recyclers.

Take the ECAR Center State Fact Sheet Tour.

Hybrid Dismantling GuideNEW! Hybrid Vehicle Dismantling Guide
Now Available!

The Automotive Recyclers Association's Technical Advisory Committee Hybrid Vehicle Workgroup, working in conjunction with the Environmental Compliance for Automotive Recyclers Center, showcased the first edition of the Hybrid Vehicle Dismantling Guide at ARA's 68th Annual Convention in Charlotte, NC in October.

The first of its kind to be developed specifically for Hybrid vehicles, the Guide educates automotive recyclers on the safe and efficient dismantling of Hybrids, as well as their differences from other vehicles. With the popularity of Hybrids on the rise, these green recycled parts will increase in demand. The Guide serves to assist automotive recyclers prepare for the rise in this consumer market segment.

This Guide includes an over-view chapter and specific section modules for the Prius and Honda hybrids. Each section of the guide is organized into topics on vehicle identification components and locations, description and operation of specific hybrid parts, safety measures, and removal procedures.

The Guide is now ready for wide distribution to automotive recyclers in either book form or on CD for the price of $99 each, plus shipping and handling.

Cost is $99 for a Printed Guide or a CD, plus shipping and handling.
Click here to get the order form, and order one for your facility today!

ECAR is a partnership of ARA, NCMS and EPA.

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